Monday, July 9, 2012

It's time to get a Beats.

I found out that beats audio headset has drop. Walking pass by machine (apple reseller), I saw the price of solo hd has gone down from MYR 1180 to MYR 790, beats pro from MYR 1980 to MYR 1550, beats studio from MYR 1680 to MYR 1200. Even iBeats has gone from MYR 510 to MYR 410.

It's this has something to do with the way HTC slashing price when you purchase the new HTC One S? Beats Solo for MYR 790 (retailed at MYR 999) and urBeats for mere MYR 1 from their promotional truck.

Or is Apple reseller doesn't want to sell products from as HTC owned company?

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